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The Promised Land (Paperback)

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The five books in the series A Twenty-First-Century Bible recognise that the Bible is not the easiest book to read. As a consequence, they use the complete text of the Bible and rearrange the narrative into historical order, with two or more versions of the same story merged together. They deal with some of the anomalies in the original text and reinstate cultural aspects which have been lost in modern translations.

The text is presented in two types: a translation of the original languages in normal print; and additions-to help the flow of the narrative and to enlighten the reader to some of the cultural background and meaning-in italics.

The first volume The Promised Land takes the reader from Abraham to Joshua. The story of Job has been included in the period to which it is set, and all Psalms that can be attributed to the period, have been included at the appropriate points. Furthermore, YHWH's laws have been collected together and are set out in a way that mimics the Ten Commandments.

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ISBN: 9780645124026
ISBN-10: 0645124028
Publisher: Brian Alec Curtis
Publication Date: September 30th, 2021
Pages: 540
Language: English