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Spotting Danger for Travelers: Build Situational Awareness to Keep Safe While Traveling (Paperback)

Spotting Danger for Travelers: Build Situational Awareness to Keep Safe While Traveling Cover Image
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Spotting danger before it happens while traveling alone or with your family is a skill that can be developed and may even save your life.

So, you've decided to go on vacation. Good for you Unfortunately, when planning a getaway, you must think about more than just the fun stuff; you must also consider your personal safety and the safety of those you're traveling with. This is where situational awareness comes into play.

Domestic and international vacationers spend nearly 1.1 trillion dollars annually in the U.S. alone. Any time there's that much cash involved you can expect there will be someone nearby looking to take advantage of you. When traveling, you must acknowledge and prepare for this potential danger.

In Spotting Danger for Travelers, you will learn how to develop a solid foundation of situational awareness, preemptively spot danger, quickly implement escape plans, and take control of your own safety while traveling.

Details include:

  • Conducting a threat assessment on your destination
  • Properly securing your home while away
  • Taking travel precautions on the road and in the air
  • Securing your temporary accommodations
  • Building situational awareness techniques specific for traveling
  • Becoming familiar with your surrounding area
  • Developing an appropriate cultural awareness
  • Dealing with so called "common" encounters
  • Creating contingency plans when "incidents" occur

Regardless of your location, criminals tend to stick to specific patterns of behavior. This book will teach you important skills including how predators choose their victims, how to establish behavioral baselines, the process for identifying baseline anomalies, and how to harden your personal defenses. By implementing what you learn here, you can travel confidently and be secure with the knowledge that you can spot danger before it has the chance to spot you.

"Today more than ever, it is imperative that we pay close attention to our surroundings and learn how to interpret what's happening around us. Tragic events can often be both predictable and preventable." -Gary Quesenberry Federal Air Marshal (Ret.)

Product Details
ISBN: 9781594399305
ISBN-10: 1594399301
Publisher: YMAA Publication Center
Publication Date: April 4th, 2023
Pages: 192
Language: English