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Trade Credit Information

(Or, What Not to Bring to the Bookstore for Store Credit)

Books can be brought in anytime during normal business hours. Depending on the availability of staff members, we may evaluate your books on the spot, or have you fill out a small form and leave your books until a staff member is able to review them. (Usually within 24-48 hours.) If you have a large selection of books to bring in for credit (more than 1 or 2 bags/boxes) please call ahead before bringing them to the store. 

Books/Items that we cannot/no longer accept include:

  • Textbooks
  • Encyclopedias (sets or individual books)
  • Reader's Digest Condensed Books
  • Family photos you are too embarrased to keep
  • Mail Order/Club Romance series (Harlequin, Sillhouette, Loveswept, etc. 
  • Users manuals and guides
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Advanced reading copies
  • Children's books that moonlighted as baby/dog/dragon chew toys
  • Books with outdated/time sensitive material
  • Dead (or alive) mice
  • Magazines
  • Audio books of any kind (cassette, cd, etc.)
  • Movies
  • Any other items that cause employees to cry out in terror and go running out the door

With few exceptions (best-selling books, popular authors, etc.) hardcover fiction titles more than two years old, or those that have been re-released in paperback, will no longer be accepted. We will consider all hardcover non-fiction books that are not focused on outdated/time sensitive material. If you have a large selection of hardback books you are wanting to trade, please call or email the store with a list of authors first before bringing them into the store. 

Books that are in poor condition will not be accepted. Such books include:

  • Books that are water damaged or swollen from humidity
  • Books that are bent, misshapen, have torn covers, dust jackets or pages, chew marks, etc. 
  • Books that your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate put in the barn in 1942
  • Books with excessively broken or bent spines
  • Books with excessive highlighting or notetaking
  • Books with mildew or odor

(Or, "How Much am I Going to Get and What Can I Spend it On?)

Unfortunately, our bookstore is not a TARDIS, nor did it come with a Room of Requirement. (Not that we have found yet anyway.) Therefore, we are unable to take every book that is brought in to us, even if it looks brand spanking new, has never been read or is a magical pathway to another realm. (Just kidding. If it's a magical pathway to another realm, we'll be glad to take it off your hands.)

So the biggest factor in determining if you will receive store credit for a book is our need (and space) for it, and whether we think it is a book that we will be able to resell in the store. Trade credit will then be determined by our resale price of the book and the overall condition of the book. For books in good, like new condition, we give you 50% of our resale price in credit. For books that were obviously a little more "loved," you will receive 40% of our resale price. 

You can use your store credit to pay for up to 50% of any purchase made in the store. For example, if your total purchase price is $20, you can apply up to $10 of store credit to the purchase. You are not required to use all of your store credit in one purchase. Any remaining store credit will be added to your customer file for future use. 

Store credit may not be used on select sale offers. Please enquire for additional details on when store credit may not be applied. 

Books left with us that are unclaimed for more than 30 days without contact by the customer will be discarded at our discretion.