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Trade Credit Information

Trade your gently used books for credit to use towards your purchase at Rivendell Bookstore

We offer in-store credit for quality trade-ins

We do not pay cash for books

We no longer accept large donations of books

We do not deal in antiquarian or collectible books


Submitting Books for Evaluation

We accept up to 30 books for evaluation on a walk-in basis during regular business hours

Please be prepared to wait while we process your books. (This will usually take us no more than 10-15 minutes.) Please also expect to take away any books that are on our unacceptable for trade list.

For larger quantities of books, you must contact the store in advance to set up an appointment for us to evaluate your books.

Unless other arrangements are made (see Book Drop Off info) when the appointment is being scheduled, please plan on remaining in the store while we evaluate your books. Please expect to take away any books that are on our unacceptable for trade list.


Book Drop Off

If you make arrangements to drop off your books for evaluation without staying in the store:

A pick-up time will be scheduled when you drop off your books. Same day pick-up is preferred.

Contact information will be required when you drop off books. (Text or email preferred)

If you fail to return at the scheduled pick-up time, we will make ONE attempt at contact to reschedule.

Books left at the store more than 5 business days will be considered abandoned, and will be discarded at our discretion.


Our Evaluation Process

Whether we take a book depends on a number of factors. These factors include, but are not limited to:

Condition-Condition is one of the top factors on whether we feel a book is in salable condition. Books in poor condition will not be accepted.

Current Stock-We will not often accept books that we already have in stock. Please not that even if you bought the book from us, we may not accept if for credit when you bring it back if we have already

re-stocked that particular title.

Salability-There are certain books that we just know will not perform well for our customer base. So even if your book is in like new condition and we don’t currently have a copy in stock, we may still reject your book based on its salability in our store.


Unacceptable for Trade

Condition matters. Books that are in poor condition will not be accepted. Such books include:

  • Books with torn covers, dust jackets, or pages
  • Hardcover books with missing dust jackets
  • Books with excessively broken spines.
  • Books containing excessive highlighting or writing
  • Books with previous water damage or mold
  • Books with stains and/or age discoloration
  • Books that are dusty, dirty or filled with pet hair

We also do NOT accept:

  • Reference books including almanacs, dictionaries, operating/instructional manuals, and textbooks
  • Multi-volume sets like encyclopedias or Time Life
  • Adult series romance books (Harlequin, etc.)
  • Books with outdated/time sensitive material
  • Audiobooks (CD or Cassette)
  • Reader’s Digest books
  • Cookbooks
  • Hardback adult fiction from all genres that is more than a year old. (Seriously, PLEASE don’t bring us hardback adult fiction books!)


Books We Like

Adult Fiction

  • Mass market & trade paperback books in all genres will be considered. Preferred categories include:
  • Romance-Contemporary & Historical
  • Contemporary Fiction         
  • Historical Fiction
  • Mystery & Suspense           
  • Psychological Thrillers
  • Cozy Mysteries                      
  • Westerns
  • Fantasy                                                     
  • Science Fiction


Adult Non-Fiction

  • Paperback books preferred, hardback books considered for evaluation in the following preferred categories:
  • American History                 
  • World History
  • Biography                                
  • True Crime
  • Local Interest:
  • Books about Kansas, the Midwest, the Wild West, Eisenhower,  Kansas Sports, and flora & fauna of Kansas and Midwestern states


Youth & Children’s Books

  • Hardback, board books, and paperback books accepted for evaluation
  • Fiction and non-fiction books accepted
  • Graphic novels
  • Children’s series books (ie. Dog Man, Wimpy Kid, Ivy & Bean, etc.)


Using Your Credit

Rivendell Bookstore keeps track of customer credit with an electronic database. There’s no need for saving receipts or account cards.

New credit will be added to any previous amount on file. If you leave books with us for evaluation, you will not receive a phone call or email to tell you how much credit you received, it will just be added to your account. You are free to contact the store to get your store credit total at any time.

 (Email preferred!!)



The other half of your purchase price must be paid by cash, charge, check or gift certificate.



                Purchase total:                                  $20.00

                          Sales Tax:                              $  1.75

                                  Total:                                   $21.75

50% trade credit applied:                           -$10.00

Total amount due:                                         $11.75


**Effective May 1, 2021**

Customers must make at least one purchase using store credit within 18 months from receiving credit in order for their trade credit account to remain active. If no purchases are made on the account using store credit for 18 months, the account will be closed, and credit on the account will be transferred to our Credit for Classrooms Program.

Rivendell Bookstore has final authority on awarded credit, transactions and tracking.

Returns: Items that were purchased with store credit will be refunded the item price minus the store credit used towards that item. The store credit used will be returned to your credit account.